About the Firm

About the Firm

Some attorneys act like typical attorneys - they constantly bill you for services, refer you to their secretaries and/or paralegals for questions, and don't maintain any open means of communication. I do not. Here are some things to consider how my practice is different:


  • Free 1 hour consultation
  • Attorney on-call
  • Upfront step-by-step guide
  • Flat fees and no hidden costs
  • Advise on reasonable expectations
  • Meet at multiple locations


  • Refuse to meet unless paid
  • Refer questions to legal assistant
  • Keep you out of the loop on updates
  • Continually bill throughout the case
  • Make absolute promises
  • Meet at only one location

So, whatever your legal needs are, feel free to contact my firm. With availability through online services, Skype and convenient meeting locations throughout the tri-state area, you're one step away from professional, considerate and reliable help!