Definition: the quality or state of being free; the power of choice and to do as one pleases


Definition: the administration of what is just by law; conformity to truth, fact and reason


Definition: the quality and state of being equal; treatment with impartiality

I am a solo attorney practicing out of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, primarily in immigration, criminal and family law. I have close to a decade of legal experience, graduating from assistant, to paralegal, to law clerk, to certified intern and now a licensed attorney. After moving to Ecuador and living in South America for some time, I returned to the United States in 2017 with a sense of accomplishment to help those who may not know how to navigate the complex legal system.

Unlike the criminal system, where every defendant is entitled to an attorney if he or she cannot afford one, the same is not true in the immigration system. Almost every non-citizen in the United States will find themselves dealing with immigration law in one of many ways: being summoned to Immigration Court, facing deportation, sponsoring a relative, obtaining citizenship, getting hired for a job or even seeking protection under laws of asylum. Without the assistance of an attorney - you're on your own.

The same concepts apply to family and criminal law. Unless a defendant is entitled to a public defender, or a plaintiff obtains the benefits of a no-cost legal clinic, the court system assumes that members of the public know the ins and outs of navigating the law, including: complying with recent case law, correct filing forms, rules of evidence, diversity or counseling programs, etc. Without the assistance of an attorney - you could miss a vital step, thereby forfeiting your rights.

Whatever your needs, I am here to listen, I am here to guide you and I am here to help.